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hey , im stuck after getting the black key that is "as cold as ice" - where do i go next ? playing on steam btw 


That opens the black treasury, iirc. It's in the castle in the sky, near the puppet king boss.

ive tried that but couldnt get it to work ... will have another go - thanks !

I'm not sure if you have to use it on the door as an item or if it opens by itself if you interact with the door. Best to try both.

it worked the next time i tried it ! weird ... im now stuck in the section after the grinding wheel room where there are triggers to push ... ive got 2 of them but the last is blocked by a blue block and theres a bouncing red thing close by that i cant do anything with to interact ... tried the boomerang to hit the trigger but no luck , been all around the stage but cant find anything to help ... any hints ?

really wish there was a walkthrough for this game !


Can we possibly get Linux ports for all your games, please?

Just completed this game but only with 88% .

I must be missing many things for the remaining 12%.

Nonetheless, it was fun and unlike other games, her shield is totally versatile. Not OP but very helpful in most boss fights.

Thanks for playing it! There are two optional more challenging areas -- Shipwreck Bay and the Kitty Temple. You might not have found one of those places yet.

I know of Kitty Temple but need to find remaining 2 bells.

I didn't know about Shipwreck Bay, thanks for the info :)

Ouch! collecting last coins is lot harder than clearing Kitty Temple and Shipwreck Bay. Still 1% to go but it's so hard.

Oh well, at least I got these :) :


95/100: -5 for not calling it "Treasure Hunter Mom"

game is broken when downloading on itch app

I haven't played freeware this good in a long time. I'd donate if I wasn't broke T_T

Hey, thanks for playing! ^_^

I somehow missed the point where it went payware :-D

Aint complaining, gonna buy it anyways. :-)