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Three very old freeware games shall live again! Play as chubby Kittey trying to foil the plan of an evil mastermind in A Game with a Kitty 1, or help the Archchancellor solve the mystery of Princess Daphodil's lost crown in Darkside Adventures. Or play as Marvin and uncover the dark secrets of an island with super high treasure potential.

These games are retro 2d platformers with a focus on exploration. As you play, you'll learn new moves that'll let you find new places and treasures, even in previously visited levels. Run & hat-glide with Kittey in A Game with a Kitty 1 or wall-run with the Archchancellor in Darkside Adventures. Numerous bosses are waiting to be challenged, too! Same goes for Marvin in THM1!

What are you waiting for? Grab these moneybags and thoroughly kick some (evil) koala butt!


  • Retro pixel graphics at a VERY low resolution
  • Two 2d platformers in one package
  • Partially non-linear gameplay structure with light metroidvania touches
  • Kinda hard (sorry)
  • Saving & level selection maps
  • Gain new skills as you progress through these 2 adventures
  • Ending variations in Darkside Adventures
  • A Game with a Kitty is relatively short (1-2 hours), but Darkside Adventures can take you much longer to complete
  • Completely free (you can support me by buying my other games if you like)
  • Amazing soundtrack by Sean Cameron (thank you)


In both games, hitting Backspace or double-clicking will activate windowed mode. Maximize the window to go back to fullscreen.

--A Game with a Kitty 1--
-Arrow Keys: Moving
-X or Shift: Jump
-C or Control: Run
-X or Shift in midair: Glide (once you have it)
-UP & C/Control in midair: Kittey Zoom (once you have it)
-LEFT or RIGHT in midair near a wall: Cling to wall
-UP or DOWN while wall-clinging: Move
-X or Shift while wall-clinging: Jump off
-UP when next (not over) to a NPC: Talk

--Darkside Adventures--
-Arrow Keys: Moving
-X or Shift: Jump
-C or Control (hold): Run (once you have it)
-X or Shift in midair: Double Jump (once you have it)
-C or Control (hold) and running into a wall: Wall run (once you have it)
-X or Shift while wall-running: Jump off
-C or Control (tap): Shoot star / pick up stuff
-UP: Pick up stuff
-UP when next (not over) to a NPC: Talk
-TAB: Skip certain cutscenes

--Treasure Hunter Man 1--
-Arrow Keys: Moving
-X or Shift: Jump
-C or Control (hold): Run (once you have it)
-C or Control (tap): Attack with current weaspon
-Enter: Show inventory to select a usable item or use or switch weapons
-Space: Switch between weapons
-Jumping in midair: Double-jump (once you have it)
-UP when next (not over) to a NPC: Talk

There's rudimentary gamepad support. Please have the controller plugged in before starting the game.

Note: You may also have to enable gamepad support for older software in Windows 10.

Rated 5.0 out of 5 stars
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Tags2D, Comedy, Cute, Exploration, Metroidvania, Pixel Art, Retro, Short, weird


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Can you release all your games on Android too? You use Clickteam Media Fusion right?

Unfortunately, these games only run in a very old version of MMF2, that makes this pretty much impossible.


(1 edit)

Do you know a way to boot up .air files on modern systems?

You'd need to install Adobe Air, not sure for which OSes it's available, but I saw Win/Mac at least.

Yeah I can't seem to get it running on my Linux computer.

Will we see Linux versions of all your games? I'd like to play them on my SBC's.

I notice that each of these games is still available individually on your itch page, what is the difference? Are those the old versions, and if so, what is changed in these new versions?

The individual games are older versions. The ones in this collection have better fullscreen support and a resizable window in windowed mode. There's also gamepad support for two games that didn't have it before.

Yaaaay, I love these classics, thanks for updating them!

Thanks! Tried my best, they only work in a very specific old version of Multimedia Fusion 2, so I couldn't update them as well as I wanted.